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Top Skin Care Tips for Working Women
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What are Skin Care Tips for Working Women?
Working women often suffer skin problems as they have busy schedules, which mean that they have little time to take care of themselves. In addition to this, they are exposed to dust and pollution on a daily basis, which make their skin grimy and prone to blackheads . It is possible to manage a regular beauty regimen without having to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror each morning.
So here are 3 of the most important beauty tips for working women:

Sunscreen: Photoaging is the term for skin damage caused by exposure to UV rays. Photoaging can add years to your appearance and make you seem much older than your actually are. It can also cause wrinkles, freckles and dark spots and it destroys collagen which in turn makes your skin less soft and supple. Apply sunscreen to your arms and face before your breakfast as it requires at least 30 minutes to be properly absorbed by your skin.

Moisturizer: Working in an air-conditioned office invariably leads to dry and flaky skin. To prevent this, about half way through your day, rinse your face with warm water and use a moisturizer. This will keep your skin clean and prevent flaking. One of the simplest natural beauty tips is to mix equal amounts of jojoba essential oil, apricot essential oil and water and apply this mixture to your face. It will take about 2 minutes to dry and after that you can apply your makeup as usual.

Cleanser: Use a cleanser as soon as you get home. Keep cotton pads and your cleanser in an accessible place so that you can clean your face as soon as you get home. Most of us want to just collapse after a hard day at work but it is important that you cleanse your face of all make-up and grime before you do anything else. In fact, it would be best if you could go for a hot shower immediately after getting home as this would leave you clean, refreshed, relaxed and ready to greet your evening with a smile!
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